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Audio and visual


Astra 2 satellite news - News, information and advice on reception of the Astra 2 satellite services.

Free to view - Terrestrial digital television transmissions in GB.

BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation.

     BBC HD schedule

Bleb - Television listings, GB.

CAI - Downloads from the Confederation of Aerial Industries Ltd.

Channel Five - GB Televison channel.
     Gadget Show

Dishpointer - Satellite finder and dish alignment calculator with maps.

FreeSat - Free digital satellite television service in GB.

Glodark cable test - Bill Wright tests satellite and U/VHF cable.

Join Freesat - Brings you the very latest news and information on the (GB) Freesat satellite TV service.

     ITV HD schedule

TV Guide - Television listings, GB.

TV - Television listings in USA.

Wookieepedia - Star Wars encyclopaedia that anyone can edit.



PhotoBox - Europe's number one on-line photo' service.

BonusPrint - Digital prints, photograph gifts, calenders, film processing etcetera.



AG Neovo - Digital photographic frames.


Chord Company


Gibertini - Satellite communication antennas and subsystems.

Humax - Freeview with HDD, PVR's - GB


Kjaerulff1 - Distributor/developer of Maximum LNB's and other equipment.


Panasonic - Support


Siltech Cables



A V Land -

Best Price TV -

Cable Shop -

Compare Store Prices -

Electric Warehouse -

HiFi Bitz -

HiFi For Less -

HiFi Junkies -

HiFi Leads (inc drawings) -

B HiFi Store -

Hot Kit -

Keene -

LE Concepts -

Lektro Packs -

B Multizone DVD -

B Music at Home -

B Picture Paradise -

Sevenoaks Sound and Vision - Home entertainment shops.

Super Fi -

Tridek -

B = Broken?


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