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Hardware   Personal Computer hardware


Software    Personal Computer software


Apple          iPhone hardware and software


Palm           Palm hardware and software


Printers      Hardware, software and supplies


Paul's          Paul's web sites


Others        All others



AMD - Creates high-performance semiconductor solutions.

Asus - Motherboards - P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP.
     Support - We're Here To Help!

EntertainmentBox - Droidsticks Ltd - One of the UK’s and US’s leading distributors of Smart TV boxes.

Frontx - USB motherboard headers and others.

HP Support Assistant - Maintain your HP devices with automated support, updates, and fixes.

HP - Computer and printer manufacturer.
     Part surfer - Your online connection for up-to-date HP service parts information and much, much more.

IBM Personal Computer - Before the beginning: Ancestors of the IBM Personal Computer.

Intel processors - Intel's processor finder Pentium D 930.
Intel processors - Intel's processor finder Pentium D.


Netgear - Network hardware.
     Support - Downloads, manuals etcetera.

nVIDIA - Driver downloads, select, Graphics Driver, Quadro, whatever, Go, Quadro NVS (it is a 280 PCI).

Pinnacle Systems - Video editing, television tuners and digital media adapters.

Pioneer Hack -

Super Flower - Computer power supplies.

Supermicro - Motherboard manufacturer.

Synology Inc. - Manage, secure and protect data.

TDK Systems Europe -

Universe Software - Alternative Acrobat reader software.


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Adobe flash test - Test Adobe Flash player.

Attensa - RSS feed software for Outlook.

AutoHotkey - Free, open-source macro-creation and automation software for Windows.

Avery label templates - Download templates for labels and Microsoft Word.
     Rewards Club - Rewards club for buying Avery labels.

AVG - Free antivirus software (was Grisoft).

Blue Soleil - Bluetooth driver, also hardware.

Boot disk - Boot disks for DOS, USB, etcetera.

Bvckup 2 - Pipemetric's backup software.
     MakeUseOf - A review with instructions on how to setup.

CCleaner - Optimize, clean, protect and speed up your PC, by Piriform Software Ltd.

CDBurnerXP - Cannerverbe Ltd's CDBurnerXP software (was XPBurner).

Carsoft - Carsoft software.

Computer Active magazine - Downloads.

DDH Handbase - Database for small devices.
     DDH user forum - User software support and discussion Forums.

DVD to iTunes converter - DVD and Video converter for iTunes devices.
     Download here

EEEUser - A 'community' of individuals interested in the Asus Eee PC.
     Adjusting the time automatically

Eudora -

FastStone - Image software.

Flash - Test your Adobe Flash player.

Event ID - Database contains 9 768 event ID's, 460 event sources and 15 354 comments.

GNU - Free Software Foundation -

GCFLearnFree - Goodwill Community Foundation, learn essential skills.
     Windows 7 - Also e-mail, Office, Mac OS,
     Windows 8 - Also Firefox, devices, etcetera.

Greenfish - Icon editor and more, free.

Heise security - Article about Internet security.

Help-Site -

HPC Factor - Shows available upgrades for Microsoft Office.

IconArchive - Icons.

IcoMania - Icons.

For a site's own icon, use "WWW.THE_SITE'S_NAME.COM/FAVICON.ICO" (not literally!), should be 16*16.

Irfan View - A lightweight image viewer, that can convert too.

Java test - Test your version of Java.

LDAP - Explains LDAP.

Microsoft - Microsoft Corporation.
     Cleartype - Enable cleartype in Windows XP.
     Flight Simulator - Version ten, demonstration.
     Help and support
     MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional.
     Office Blog - Office At Work, getting the most out of the 2007 Microsoft Office system.
     Office Document Imaging - About Microsoft Office Document Imaging.
     Office Online - All things to do with Office.
     Office sounds - Sounds to have fun audio cues play as you work with Microsoft Office programs.
     Premier Support
     Process Explorer - Advanced "Task Manager".
     Spyware -
     Validate Windows -
     Visual Studio - 2005 Express Edition.

Mouse Training - Software training courses and guides.
     Microsoft Office 2010 - Quick reference guides.

MuseScore - Create, play and print beautiful sheet music.

NEBytes - North East Bytes - Microsoft Technology Usergroup in the North East of England.

Nitro PDF - Nitro PDF Pty. Ltd. - Nitro Pro lets you easily create PDF files from almost any file format.
     PDF-reader - Nitro's free PDF reader.

Novell - Novell Inc. - Server software.

PHP Freaks - Your PHP Help Center!

ProduKey - Find out your product's key.

Programming MS Access - Rick Dobson's site for Access, VBA, SQL Server and Visual Basic developers.

PSPad - A freeware code editor for developers for Microsoft Windows systems.

Spybot - Free spyware protection, from Safer Networking Ltd.

Time GB - Set your PC to get the time automatically, from ntp1.npl.co.uk or ntp2.npl.co.uk

Train games - Train simulation software.

Vodafone drivers - For an Asus Eee using a USB 3G modem.

Windows 7 Forum - A 'community' where users can discuss anything related to Windows 7.
     ISO Disk images - You still need a licence . . .

Windows IT Pro - John Savill's 'frequently asked questions' about Windows.

Yahoo! Mobile - Downloads -

ZoneLabs - Free firewall software.


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Apple development - Register for free Xcode IDE iPhone development.

Apple status - Check iCloud is working on Apple’s services, stores, and iCloud.

Apps Amuck - 31 different iPhone applications and source code to aid learning.

iCloud - Apple's iCloud stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to 'all' your devices.

iTunes - iTunes for podcasts.

iTunes tutorial - Tutorial for iTunes.

iPhone user guide- iPhone user guide.

IPhone user guide - as an application for the iPhone.

Sunday Times - The newspaper's web site for reviews of applications for iPhones, etcetera (by subscription).

Teehan-lax - Photoshop file of all iPhone user interface components.

The Apple Blog - Web log of Apple information.


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Eudora -

GedWise - Export a GEDCOM file and then use on a Palm.

B HandGear -

HotPaw -

Iambic - Palm hardware & software.

Metro - Software for PDA's showing underground or metro stations and time tables.

My Treo - Palm Treo.

Palm -

Palm Gear -

Palm Inc -

Palm Pilot Software ZD net -

PaPi-Mail -


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Avery - Avery UK, makers of labels and Office Accessories.
     Microsoft Word templates

Cartridge Express - Ink cartridges.

Choice Stationery - Ink cartridges.

Ebuyer - Ink cartridges.

HP JetDirect 500X - Frequently asked questions.

HP 2605 brochure - HP 2605 brochure.

HP Universal Print Driver - Automatically discover and print to supported HP devices and some non‑HP devices, with a single print driver (must all be on network).

Partshere - Printer parts and instructions.
    HP2600 - Troubleshooting.
    HP2600 - Removal and Replacement.


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Computer Futures tutorials -

MS Exchange -

Outlook Code -

Slip Stick (Exchange) -


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Eudora -

New Horizons courses - For Microsoft software.

Kaspersky - Secure Password Check, check if your chosen password is good or bad.

Sony Playstation manuals - If you've lost one.

Psion - Hand held computers.


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B = Broken?


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