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08Whatever - Choose a service provider.

Computer Active - ADSL deals.

Global Internet Traffic Report - Lists the major DNS routers in every continent and their status.

Netcraft - Check a site's uptime details.

Onspeed - Speeds up internet by compression.

Sitening - Improve search engine performance.

Speed Test - Test the speed of your Internet.

Tiscali Accelerator - Speeds up Tiscali internet by compression.


Have I been pwned - Check if you have an e-mail account that has been compromised in a data breach.



BT Internet -

Gary's IMail -

Genie -

Hotmail - E-mail.

iCloud - Apple's iCloud.

Outlook - Microsoft's Outlook.com site.

Plusnet - E-mail anywhere.

Tiscali -

Yahoo UK -

Your WAP -



Compila - Internet domains and hosting.



Assist - Plusnet Assist, a program that helps with all of the below.

Community - Latest news about Plusnet and broadband in general.

E-mail help - E-mail setup guides.

Faults - How to report problems.

Help - Help and support.

Line rental saver - Line rental annually.

Manage phone - Manage your telephone account.

Manage usage - Add extra Broadband usage.

My bill - Check your bill.

My details - Your account details.

Phone bill - Itemised telephone calls.

Phone tariff - Charges for calls.

Speed help - Broadband speeds and tips.

Support queries - View raised support and setup queries.

Usage - Broadband usage.

Usertools - Plusnet usertools, a user group based support website.
     Exchanges - Exchange Status Checker.

Webmail - E-mail anywhere.

WiFi help - Help with Plusnet routers.


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