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ADSL Nation - A well established brand of broadband equipment. Part of Tandy Corporation Ltd.
     ADSL Microfilters - By star rating.

BT Cellnet First -

BT Service -

Carphone Warehouse - Mobile telephones.

Connect my car - For mobile telephone 'hands free' units and installation. Part of Carphone Warehouse.

E 2 Save - Mobile telephone deals.

E Bizz phones -

Emporia - Mobile telephones for people with bad eyes and fingers.

Extele -

Free Ringtones - For iPhones or MP3 players.

GPRS Help -

GSM World - Global trade association for mobile phone operators, manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

ICSTIS - Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of the Telephone Information Services, the industry-funded regulatory body for all premium rate charged telecommunications services in GB.

I P North -

Logomanager -

Lebara - Lebara Ltd, SIM only deals.

Mobile Checker - Mobile Checker compares up to 20,000 mobile telephone deals in the GB.

Mobile Review 7210 -

Net 4 Nowt -

Nokia -

B Nokia information -

Nokia Forum -

B Nokia Topsitez -

O2 - GB mobile telephone operator. Was Cellnet, then British Telecom Mobile.
     Swap my SIM

Onetel -

PhonepayPlus - The organisation that regulates telephone-paid services in GB.

SamKnows - Information about GB's broadband availability and performance, by provider.

Three - Mobile telephone operator, Hutchison 3G UK Ltd.
     Support for mobile broadband - then select setting up broadband, e-mail and text.

UK phone sales -

Vodafone - Mobile telephone operator.


B = Broken?


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