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Her version

He was in an odd mood when I got to the bar. I thought it might have been me because I was a bit late but he didn't say anything much about it. The conversation was quite slow going so I thought we should go off somewhere more intimate so we could talk more privately. So we went to this restaurant and he's STILL acting a bit funny and I'm trying to cheer him up and start to wonder whether it's me or something else. I ask him, and he says no. But you know I'm not really sure. Maybe he didn't like what I was wearing. So anyway, in the cab back to his house, I say that I love him and he just puts his arm around me. I don't know what the hell this means because you know he doesn't say it back or anything. What did I do to upset him. We finally get back to his place and I'm wondering if he's going to dump me! I think I'm going to cry, but I do my best to hold back the tears. I try again to ask him what's wrong, but before I could think of the right thing to say he switches on the television. The tears start to fall, so I reluctantly say I'm going to go to bed. No response from him. What did I do???? Then, after about 10 minutes, he joins me and we have sex. But, he still seemed really distracted, so afterwards I just wanted to leave. I don't know. I just don't know what he thinks anymore. I mean, do you think he's met someone else??? I wonder how long it has been going on and what she looks like. How could he do this to me!!!








His version

Shit day at work. Tired. Got a shag though.


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